Identity Protection Services

Identity Protection From Oswego County Mutual Insurance Company

New Identity Protection Services at no Added Cost to You

Oswego County Mutual Insurance Company's customers and their family members* can count on identity protection services at no additional cost. Powered by Identity Theft 911®, America's premier provider of identity services, these fraud-specialist services help detect and resolve identity theft and fraud.

Don't Wait Until You Are a Victim.

Identity thieves steal mail, skim credit cards, hack into ATMs and rummage through garbage in the search for their next victim. In the blink of an eye, criminals misuse bits and pieces of your personal information to obtain fraudulent credit and make unauthorized purchases.

If you're a victim, you need expert help now! Suspect fraud? Need immediate identity protection assistance? Want to protect confidential information or replace missing personal documents and identification? When you need help:

  • Simply call us at 800-640-9660
  • We'll transfer you to a personal-touch fraud specialist at Identity Theft 911's Resolution Center
  • There is no added cost to you for these services, no matter how often you talk to a fraud specialist

Your personal fraud specialist will guide you through the proactive and resolution process until your problem is fully resolved and your peace of mind is restored. These fraud specialists determine your best course of action, cut through the red tape and do most of the heavy lifting-so you don't have to struggle on your own.

You can count on personal fraud specialist assistance, provided by our partner Identity Theft 911®, to resolve and help prevent identity theft at key stages of life. Your identity theft services include:

Resolution Services
Unlimited assistance to resolve account takeover or true identity theft of personal information, handling of the entire notification and documentation process, one year of free identity monitoring services for victims, and up to a year of follow-up.

Proactive Services
To safeguard your identity and help prevent any further damage, a fraud specialist moves quickly to help lock-out thieves when you call about a situation that could compromise personal information, such as a lost or stolen wallet or notice of a data security breach.

Child Risk Services
To help your minor child's identity long recover from identity theft.

Marriage Services
A fraud specialist provides name-change assistance, creditor notification, and other identity-related services to engaged couples, newlyweds and recently divorced people.

Tax-Related Identity Services
A fraud specialist helps protect you against tax-related fraud, and if it does occur, you get personal assistance to detect it, provide the IRS with necessary documentation, and prove your identity.

Military Identity Services
To defend your identity while you defend our country, a fraud specialist places a military fraud alert to protect your good name.

Medical Identity Services
A fraud specialist helps clear up the damage from fraudulent insurance claims and false medical services, stopping relentless collection agencies and correcting your treatment files before a catastrophe occurs.

Travel Identity Services
To help keep identity thieves off your travel itinerary, a fraud specialist helps you recover lost or stolen passports, credit card and identification when you're traveling.

Relocation Services
To help protect your identity when you're on the move and make sure your sensitive information moves safely with you.

Break-In Services
When thieves break into a home, auto or boat, a fraud specialist springs into action to help keep thieves from breaking into personal data, as well.

Disaster Document Recovery
After a fire, flood or natural disaster, a fraud specialist helps you recover lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification needed to rebuild your life.

Debt Tagging
When debt collectors target you for another person's debt, a fraud specialist will run a quick credit check to determine if the debt was actually attached to your credit files, and contact collection agencies if necessary to update incorrect entries.

Assistance After The Death of a Loved-one
To help minimize the risk to survivors, a fraud specialist steps in to lock down the deceased's personal and financial information, systematically notifies credit issuers, and helps secure death certificates.

For news on the latest identity scams and access to a wealth of resources and proactive tips to help you avoid becoming a victim, click here.

*Identity protection services are available to a spouse and/or immediate family members under 26 years old who live in the household